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Some TFA10 Buzz

A big thanks Jared at Drawn and Amid at Cartoon Brew for the great TFA10 write-ups yesterday. I had a blast pulling it all together, and it’s really rewarding to see the story get that level of attention. The article was also picked up here:

Netscape’s Popular Videos Channel
How Design Blog

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2 Responses to “Some TFA10 Buzz”

  1. matt Says:

    Hi there Aaron

    Awesome stuff. I was wondering if you were likely to share in the notes of your talk at the flash forward conference.just a little request from deepest darkest africa, couldent make it to Austin.

    I would be happy to pay for the transcripts of your talk and am particularly interested in the popular techniques that are being used at animation studios, and demonstrate several plugins that are re-shaping the Flash animator’s workspace part of your talk.

    thanks bro.

  2. resurepus Says:

    I also published a note about your Top 10 Flash ANimations on

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