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Akumi Two Hot For TV

Akumi, the violent, sexually-explicit new series from Alan Smithee is on to episode 2. After a controversial first episode (scroll to comments) , this series is really kicking into gear. It’s packed with action, excellent special effects and a great cliffhanger that will leave you anxious for the third installment, now slated for March.

The jiggling and wiggling of the various females got a bit tired by the end, and I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the lead actresses’ vocal performance, but the overall production values in this second installment (top-notch music and sound design) more than made up for any shortcomings.

Smithee is joined by Tyree Dillihay, David Johnson and Dustin Remmel who all elevated their games for this one. A beautiful and breathtaking production, fellas.

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6 Responses to “Akumi Two Hot For TV”

  1. JoeyCee Says:


  2. ZSL Says:

    Lets see if this episode causes as many hilarious arguments as the first episode did. :>

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i’m literally angry with rage!

    but seriously, that was awesome.


  4. dude Says:

    I was kind of critical of the last installment, but only because these guys have talent and I think they need to hear it.

    I think the art direction is great with the exception of a face here and there..the acting and story still need a lot of improvement..and unless they want their only fanbase to be fat warcraft nerds that pay for online hentai, I’d suggest making it funnier. I don’t even see a problem with the sexual aspects of it, but it really needs that extra something.

    and if you guys like giggling tits so much, maybe you should just go all out with it, when you’re just teasing stuff you’re annoying both sides of the spectrum.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, since people can’t seem to get this straight, I feel I need to say this: Did you ever read what Milton wrote in the forums? No, of course not. He said that this film wasen’t made to please everyone, I for on think this is the best online series ever and I look forward to the dvd, I’m sure many people are like me and feel that they shouldn’t even have to say anything in its defense but since people can’t get this into their thick skulls I’ll say it one last time: This flash was made for a certain audience, not to try and mold to please everyone so cry and get over it and when you’re done, enjoy this flash.
    -Send reviewer hate mail to

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